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You can obtain information on train times at railway stations at the office marked 'I' (Information), or from timetables displayed at the railway station - most of them are displayed on screens, bilingual and easy to follow.

Train timetables on the Internet

Intercity (fastest) train tickets can be booked on: www.intercity.pl/en/

Information on all other trains is available on:  rozklad-pkp.pl/en


If you are planning a train trip make sure to check your arrival time, whether you have to change trains, and if there is a restaurant car on the train. It may be important to check the length of time of your journey - regional trains can take as much as twice the time to cover the same distance.

Typical journey times of Intercity trains:

Warsaw - Krakow - 2:20

Warsaw - Gdansk - 2:50

Warsaw - Wroclaw - 3:50

Warsaw - Poznan - 3:20

Gdansk - Krakow - 5:20

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