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General information 

Tickets for regional trains and express trains in Poland are not expensive. Remember to check if you qualify for one of many discounts for for Children, students, the elderly, pensioners, the disabled, large families and others.

The price of a ticket will depend on the type of train, distance and the class. Tickets are available at the ticket windows at railway stations, or on the intercity.pl website. Tickets can also be bought on the train from the conductor, however there is a small charge for this service, and you are advised to inform the conductor that you have no ticket when you board the train. The lack of a valid ticket can lead to the paying of a fine.

It is also worth checking for different kinds of promotional tickets, e.g. excursion tickets (lower price when traveling at weekends), group tickets (for organized groups of more than 10 people tickets) or family tickets (when traveling with a family). You can check the latest promotions here.

Examples of ticket prices

Traveling from Warsaw to Wrocław, an adult passenger pays - depending on the train - from PLN 90-110 traveling first class or PLN 45-60 second class. The fare from Warsaw to Krakow is from PLN 60-100 first class or PLN 45-70 second class. Tickets from Warsaw to Gdańsk cost PLN 70-100 first class or PLN 45-70 second class.

Transporting animals and bicycles

Both can be transported in the train after paying additional fee, however there are special conditions for transporting your pet or bicycle:

To transport an animal by train you must fulfill the following conditions:
- an animal must have his health carnet with vaccinations against rabies indicated and a valid ticket with a note of the species of animal;
- dogs must wear muzzles, small animals should be transported in cages or in baskets;
- animals can only be transported by adults.
- most train companies allow your pet to be transported for free, if it fits small container

A bicycle should be transported in the luggage-carriage. Not all trains however, have special places to transport bicycles. According to the regulations in this situation a bicycle can be transported in the first entrance doorway of the first carriage, or in the last entrance doorway of the last carriage. It is most important not to block passageways or the doors of the train with the bicycle. To transport a bicycle by train you need to buy a special ticket (remember about it when booking online).

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