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'Rent a car' services in Poland

By traveling across Poland by car you can see places which you might not be able to reach by train or bus. It has many advantages - you can choose your own routes and time and even take more luggage. What is more, you do not need to have your own vehicle. You can rent it.

'Rent a car' services

These services which are normally open 24h, 7 days a week can be found mainly on the airports and in bigger cities. The range of cars to choose from is usually very wide, so most probably you find a model meeting your expectations. 
Companies also offer the possibility of returning a car to a different region and city from the one you hired the car in. With this in mind, you can plan an interesting excursion across Poland and not have to worry about returning the car to the place you hired it.

What do you need?

As in other parts of Europe when renting a car you in fact sign a contract with an agency to undertake the following obligations:

  • Full responsibility for the rented car.
  • Only the person(s) mentioned in the contract can drive the car.
  • The renter has to pay a deposit which is not identical to the value of the vehicle and pay the fee according to the car hire company price list and the extra charges dependent on the client's requirements as stipulated in the contract.

How much does this cost?

Price ranges from 100PLN to 400PLN per day depending on the make of car.

Compare car hire prices in Poland

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