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Petrol stations in Poland are easy to find both in the cities and little towns. Many of them are run by well recognized brands of international petrol companies like Shell, BP, Esso and Orlen. Petrol stations are usually open round the clock seven days a week.

Petrol stations

In major cities and along international motorways and regional roads there are a great number of 24h petrol stations. Apart of refuelling your car or motorbike you can also eat something at fast food bars or restaurants, do some shopping or use the client services. The most recognized international petrol companies in Poland are Shell, BP, Esso, Aral and Neste. There are also some Polish petrol stations such as Orlen or Rafineria Gdańska offering excellent service and high quality petrol.

Types of petrol and road signs

A black petrol pump sign indicates a petrol station and these road signs are located several kilometers ahead of the station. On the sign there is also the approximate distance to the petrol station and information what kind of petrol is available. A sign showing both a black and a green petrol pump indicates unleaded petrol for sale along with the standard petrol. Stations with LPG are marked with the LPG sign. Stations with only liquid petroleum gas are marked with a "LPG GAZ" sign with no picture. The most popular types of petrol in Poland are 95-octane, 98- octane and diesel which is marked ON.

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