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Emergency roadside services

Tourists who decide to drive to Poland in their own car or plan to rent a car in Poland should consider taking out insurance in case of a breakdown. Having with them the telephone numbers to emergency road services or to authorised car service centers along with other documents pertaining to the car is also important.

In case of a breakdown

Emergency road services in Poland are very efficient. In a breakdown situation please call 9637. This is the emergency number for the National Emergency Road Service which guarantees a full-range of auto assistance: removing a damaged car on special car transporters, directing you to MOT services and garages and legal advice in the case of any litigation.
The National Emergency Road Service should be on site within a maximum of 60 minutes (depending on the distance and locality of the breakdown or accident). The fee for these services depends on what is required and the distance, which is important when a damaged car has to be transported to a garage, for example.


The network of authorised garages and car services is very well developed in Poland. If you rent a car or are using a private car you are strongly advised to carry the appropriate phone numbers of these services before setting out on a trip. In the event of an accident or breakdown the numbers for these services can also be obtained from local emergency breakdown services or the police.

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