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"Dzien dobry!"- 15 phrases you will find useful in Poland
  • Tak (tahk) - Yes
  • Nie (nyeh) - No
  • Dziękuję (jen-koo-yeh) - Thank you
  • Proszę - (proh-sheh) - Please/ Here you are
  • Czesc (cheshch) - Hi/Hello/Bye

It has low formality and can be used as a greeting phrase or as a way of saying goodbye.

  • Dzien dobry (jane-doh-brih) - Good morning/Good afternoon

Poles use it as a standard greeting, morning or afternoon, when communicating with others they do not know or people of authority.

  • Dobry wieczor (doh-brih vieh-choor) - Good evening

A standard formal way of greeting people in the evening.

  • Dobranoc (doh-bra notes) - Good night

A formal and informal way of wishing somebody a good night.

  • Jak sie masz? (yahk shay mahsh?) - How are you?

Both phrases mean the same and normally come after the greeting to ask someone how they are feeling. Though a speaker is asking, it is normally bad etiquette to go into too much detail.

  • Na zdrowie (nah zdroh-vyeh) - Cheers / Bless you

This phrase can be used to toast someone (Cheers) or when someone sneezes (Bless you).

  • Nie mówię po polsku (nyeh moo-vyeh poh pohl-skoo) - I don't speak Polish.
  • Nie rozumiem (nye ross-umyea-mhm)-  I don't understand.
  • Przepraszam (psheh-PRAH-shahm) - I'm sorry / Excuse me  
  • Ile to kosztuje? (eel'e tho kosh-two-yeah?) - How much is it?
  • Co to jest? (tso tho yeast?) - What is it?
  • Nie ma za co (Nye mah za tso) - Your welcome / Don't mention it
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