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This picturesque town lies at the foot of the Low Beskid Mountains.

Here from the year 1854 lived and worked Ignacy Łukasiewicz the inventor of the paraffin lamp. It is also here that the first street lamp was lit. Nevertheless, the history of the town goes way back. It was established in 1354 when Dersław Karwacjan obtained a special privilege from Casimir the Great. The 15th century renaissance manor house of the Karwacjans, the descendants of Dersław belongs to one of the most valuable historical monuments of Gorlice. Destroyed during the first Great War in the battle in 1915 it was afterwards restored. The course of the battle is presented in the exhibition at the regional museum where there is also another exhibition dedicated to Łukasiewicz.

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38-300 Gorlice
Latitude and Longitude: 49.657694,21.157333
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