After almost 200 years, St Valentine's relics were revealed to the public in the Phara Church in Chełmno on February 14th 2002. As they have in their possession these extraordinary relics of St Valentine, the town authorities wish to once again revive his memory and turn Chełmno into the town of those in love. On this occasion, each year on February 14th, a solemn Mass is held during which St Valentine's relics are revealed to the public.

This day is also rich in entertainment and competitions and the ceremony ends with a musical concert. It has become a tradition now to place burning candles in the shape of a heart on the Market's pavements during the concert. In 2003, as a result of the huge participation of the town's inhabitants, a new record for the composition of the biggest heart was set, and written into the Polish Book of Records and Peculiarities.

Shop-owners decorate their window displays in a special 'Valentine' way for this day and each display participates in a competition for the best and most attractive decoration. The bakers and confectioners from Chełmno prepare special pastries – 'Valentine's rolls with lovage' and sweet pies in the shape of a heart.

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