For over a decade now, the music festival Sacrum Profanum Festival (13-19.09.2015) has been electrifying the enthusiasts of the twentieth-century classical music, jazz and avant-garde music. Every year, in September, Cracow is visited by the most outstanding bands from all over the world, which come here to perform for one week in front of Polish and international audiences. If you are a fan of musical experiments, the festival in Cracow should be included in your calendar for good!

Music meets architecture

The festival is also a perfect opportunity to get to know the industrial face of Cracow. This is because the festival is held in the district of Nowa Huta, which used to be a synonym for socialist realist architecture for decades. Today, however, it is undergoing a revival, attracting the creative and artistic avant-garde. Participants of this Krakow event will also have an opportunity to check the acoustics of the Forum Hotel, one of the greatest achievements of socialist realist designers. Today, Nowa Huta shows how to turn a difficult past into a media advantage, and this is proved by the international publicity accompanying the festival. If you expect from music events something more than only fine sounds, you should really be here!

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