On July fifteenth, fourteen ten, on the fields of Grunwald (north-east Poland), the combined Polish and Lithuanian forces clashed with the Teutonic Order and its mercenaries. It was one of the largest medieval battles in the history of Europe. The staging will begin on July 16, 2016.

Medieval sceneries

Every year, on the anniversary of this event, one of the most prestigious reconstruction events in Poland is held here. Thus, you have a unique opportunity to travel to medieval times and join thousands of history lovers from all over Europe. What you can learn from them is the knightly craft, for example shooting with a bow, wielding a sword, riding a horse or chanting Gregorian Chants. In the craftsmen's camp, you can buy all sorts of items made following the medieval art of production. You can also try old Polish dishes, taste the then beverages and see a real knights' tournament.

Experience the battle

The highlight of the event is the reconstruction of the battle, which takes place at the end of this historical festival. Its participants are, among others, mounted companies from Germany, Italy, France, Russia and the United States. A view of hundreds of charging knights as if they were characters from the popular series "Game of Thrones" will be definitely delightful not only to history lovers.


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