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Oceanarium in Gdynia


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The most impressive exhibition of aquatic animals in Poland

The Institute of Sea Fisheries has carried out research in probably every sea around the globe. From these expeditions it has brought samples of exotic animals and plants which became the inspiration to create an aquarium museum. The first visitors were welcomed at the Gdynia Aquarium in 1971. It is an institution with the status of a zoological garden which aims to promote marine biology through exhibition and teaching.

This is Poland’s largest collection of aquatic animals (over 1500 animals representing close to 200 different species). There are dangerous predators like blacktip reef sharks, aggressive arowanas from North America and red piranhas. There are also examples of semi-aquatic animals such as the various species of turtles, frogs, lizards, green anacondas, agama lizards and giant red king crabs.

The biggest interest is the living coral reef – several dozen specimens have been collected here. Among the coral reef swim the various shaped and coloured species of fish which include clownfish, lionfish, sea horses and countless others. There is also a special exhibit devoted to the Baltic Sea.

Gdynia Aquarium – Gdynia (woj. Pomorskie) or

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str. Aleja Jana Pawła II 1

Province: pomorskie

+48 587326601

Latitude (Y):
N 54° 31' 6.081"
Longitude (X):
E 18° 33' 25.2786"


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