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Landscape Park in Chełm area


- Open all year round

Interesting bogs.
Landscape Park in Chełm area is 14 000 ha in district. Due to the abundance of carbon and limestone in the soil, one can find here a specific flora (sylvan habitat, broadleaved forest and riparian forest). Chełm district is full of carbon peat-bogs whare one can find 152 bird species, among others black stork, crane, lesser spotted eagle, aquatic warbler (one of the most endangeed speciess in Europe), sort-eared owl, curlew and European pond turtle (one can found it near Stanisławowo on the peat bogs and in Leśniectwo Sawin district). There are three nature reserves here: 'Bachus' (established in 1958), peat-bog Brzeźno (1973) and 'Bagno Serebryjskie' (1991) in 625 hectares in area. In Brzeźno there is also a teaching-museum centre.

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Latitude and Longitude: 51.0493,23.6302

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