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Hubale Speckled Ground Squirrel Reserve


- Open all year round

Speckled ground squirrel is a species listed in the Polish Red Book, a relic of steppe fauna.

Speckled ground squirrel fauna reserve with an area of 35 hectares was created on 26 March 1982, under the name of Hubale Speckled Ground Squirrel Reserve. This rodent species listed in the Polish Red Book of Animals is fully protected by law. Squirrels cannot be seen throughout the year. At the end of September they fall into hibernation, which lasts about six months. Squirrels built their "houses" in the form of underground burrows. A burrow with a depth of 1 m is a shelter, a sleeping area and at the same time a place of caring for their young. It is entered through a vertical entry called a well, and then via a short corridor. The reserve is also a site of burial mounds from the 8th century. Beyond there is the village Hubale. It is worth pausing for a moment on the hill and admire the panorama. The hill overlooks the entire area, including the city of Zamość.

localization-imgLocation Map

22-400 Hubale
Latitude and Longitude: 50.6541,23.2105

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