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Grad Radziwillowski Preserve


- Open all year round

The preserve is located in the western part of the Nurzec region of a `typical dry-ground`.
It is the last remaining fragment of the former Nurzec Wilderness in an area of 24.16 ha of a `typical dry-ground`. The preserve is located in the western party of the Nurzec region, about 3 km northeast of the village of Radziłowka in the Mielnik District. The dominant plants in the preserve are typical of the dry ground forest with species consisting of a leafy with a predominance of pedunculated oak with some Scots pine, small leaf linden, common birch and rarely aspen. The undergrowth of the dry ground forest, changes with the seasons and is rich in species of species of many types.

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Latitude and Longitude: 52.387556,23.040361

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