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Jan Kochanowski Museum


- Open all year round
Opening hours:
Tuesday - 08.00-16.00
Wednesday - 08.00-16.00
Thursday - 08.00-16.00
Friday - 08.00-16.00
Saturday - 09.00-16.00
Sunday - 09.00-16.00
Comments on. Available - od 01.05 - 31.08 wt.-pt. 08.00-16.00 sb. - nd. 10.00-18.00
- 8 - 10 PLN




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The exhibition presents the life and work of the poet and father of national Polish literature.

The Museum, devoted to Renaissance poet Jan Kochanowski, is located in a classical 19th century manor house called Jabłonowski (designed by Jakub Kubicki), and is surrounded by a beautiful, English-style park. The exhibition is displayed across six halls, with items presenting the life and work of the poet and father of national Polish literature. The Renaissance material items shown (such as furniture, ceramics and an engagement ring) form a background to the creative figure of Jan Kochanowski and his literary works. In addition, collected works of Polish poets and writers of the era illustrate the development of Polish art and culture in the 16th century. Woodcut scenes of cities depict the writer’s foreign travels and excursions, and excerpts from his various works, displayed in the exhibition halls, emphasise the values of his life and his preoccupation with the richness of language.
The park has a neo-Gothic chapel, and in the place where once stood the famous lime tree mentioned in the poet’s works, there now stands a commemorative obelisk. Erected in 1980, a bronze statue of Jan Kochanowski welcomes the visitors to the house. Each June, the town of Czarnolas hosts events such as 'Days of Jan Kochanowski's Works', 'Czarnolas Renaissance Days' and 'Czarnolas Saturdays'.
Branch of the Jacek Malczewski Museum in Radom.
Location: approximately 110 km south of Warsaw.
Access by private transport.

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26-720 Warszawa
Latitude and Longitude: 52.2296756,21.0122287
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