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Cottage museum - Felicja Curylowa






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Zalipie remains the most popular as a result of the incredible talent of a local painter, Felicja Curylo (1904-1974).

The talents of local artists are not limited to wall paintings alone, as they create embroidered and painted furniture coverings, ornamented table clothes, aprons, china, and glass etc. Souvenirs are available for tourists in the "Dom Malarek" Cultural Centre. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for tourists to find the painted houses because the village is very spread out and the decorated structures are far from the main road. Additionally they are not museums but actual functioning households; the only painted cottage museum being that which was owned by Felicja Curylowa.

localization-imgLocation Map

Zalipie 135
33-210 Zalipie
Latitude and Longitude: 50.241278,20.849694
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