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Building of the Crown Tribunal


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Comments on. Available - Budynek Trybunału Koronnego jest budynkiem użyteczności publicznej i czynny jest w godzinach użytkowania urzędu - od pon.- pt. 7.30-15.30.

The Crown Tribunal building, formerly the Old City Hall, is located in the centre of the Old Town Market Square.

The final reconstruction works of the Crown Tribunal building were conducted between 1781-1787 by Dominik Merlini, an architect in ordinary of King of Poland - Stanisław August Poniatowski. The building has then become a Classicist structure. Following the extension of the whole building, the second floor was finished. The original total area of the Crown Tribunal was doubled. Currently, the building is the seat of the Registrar’s Office. Today, concerts of chamber music, lectures and formal meetings take place in the former Tribunal Court room.

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20-111 Lublin
Latitude and Longitude: 51.2479,22.5679

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