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Historic Bridges in Stanczyki


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The viaducts built in the early 20th century are an example of exceptional architecture.

On the northern reaches of Masuria, near the city of Goldap are two viaducts on the now unused railway line. Tourists to the Romincka Forest are drawn by their unusual shape and height in this landscape. The two viaducts were built between 1912 and 1918 and were part of the already unused section of railway line between Goldap and Zytkiejmy, a length of 31km.

They can be found beyond the village of Stanczyki where the railway line crosses a huge valley, disproportionate in size to the small and very picturesque River Biedzianka. The bridges are of a massive size and are considered the highest in Poland. They are about 200m long and 36m high. They are a reinforced concrete structure having five arches with identical curves and just 15m apart. The architecture is characterised by the size of their proportions and the pillars are decorated with reliefs modelled on the Roman aqueducts at Pont du Gard.

The rail track was dismantled in 1945 by the Red Army. Since then no train has passed this way. Until recently the viaducts were used by bungee jumpers but an introduced ban has stopped the daredevils. On the valley floor is a site for campers.

The District of Goldap (woj. Warminsko-Mazurskie)



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