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Salt Mine in Klodawa


General information

  • Facility type: Monuments of Industry and Technology
  • Prices: 0-500 zł


  • Organiser: Kopalnia soli kłodawa S.A
  • County: kolski
  • Commune: Kłodawa
  • Locality: Kłodawa
  • Street name: 1000-lecia


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Kopalnia soli w Kłodawie
Kopalnia soli w Kłodawie

The largest salt mine in Poland has been worked continuously for over 50 years. No chemical treatments are used during the salt extraction process.

This is the largest mine of white and uniquely pink salt in Poland. Deposits date back over 200 million years. The Klodawa salt bed is the largest in Poland – 26km long and 4km wide. The total length of the underground tunnels in the mine is about 350km.

Salt has been mined here for more than half a century by traditional mining methods which allow the natural qualities of the salt to be preserved. The end product is obtained by crushing, grinding and sorting, without the use of chemical treatments.

The mine, though still a working concern, is open to the public – the designated tourist trail, considered the deepest of its kind, is between 600m and 750m below ground. Visitors, after learning about the salt deposits in Klodawa, descend at a rate of 6m/sec to a depth of 600m. Here the beauty of the excavated salt caverns can be admired and also the tools used in the underground mining of salt can be seen. The trail is illuminated and explored with the assistance of a guide. The whole tour lasts about two and a half hours.

Salt Mine in Klodawa (woj. Wielkopolskie)

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avenue 1000-lecia 2
Kłodawa 62-650

Province: wielkopolskie

+48 632733200,

Latitude (Y):
N 52° 14' 42.8424"
Longitude (X):
E 18° 55' 4.0398"


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