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Hitch-hiking is one of the most interesting forms of alternative traveling. It can be a good idea when visiting Poland for brave and communicative tourists, on condition however, that several fundamental rules of safety and common sense are applied.

Around the world hitch-hiking has a long tradition and many supporters. The most interesting and appealing part of hitch-hiking is the necessity to trust your intuition and follow whatever destiny brings you. Those who enjoy this form of traveling appreciate, first of all, the opportunity of meeting new people, exploring extraordinary places and experiencing unusual situations along the route. Hitch-hiking can never be planned in detail; you never know exactly which way you will go and what you will see on the way. In fact hitch-hiking is a way of exploring interesting, exotic and those more out of the way places.


It is better to hitch-hike with a partner.
It is advisable to plan your first hitch-hiking trip with somebody experienced from whom you will be able to learn the fundamentals of traveling across our country – and in the case of a first trip, women should never travel alone. Please remember that hitch-hiking on major highways is forbidden. If for one reason or another you are under the influence of alcohol you are not allowed to stop any vehicles.


For hitch-hiking to be successful it is essential to choose a good place to start your trip. It is easier to find a car outside the city or on the outskirts. Places where you are visible at a distance, where the traffic is not fast and where drivers can stop safely are the best. It will make things easier if you prepare a cardboard sign with your destination, town, city, region written on it. But your writing has to be big and legible. You should never infringe traffic regulations and never stand beside road signs which forbid cars from stopping e.g. bridges, tunnels and those parts of a road with a continuous double central line. And perhaps as important, don’t look too scruffy!


E-hitch-hiking is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. Through internet services created for this purpose a driver and a passenger(s) going in the same direction can make an appointment to travel together.


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