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Incredible rocks, rare plants and animals, shifting sand dunes and extensive bogs and marshes – Poland’s natural environment offers a real medley of varied attractions. It is ideal for those who like to spend their free time in an active way.

Do you like diving?

Why not visit Hancza, Poland’s deepest lake. Hancza has a steep-sloping bed punctuated by small caverns and is almost 110 metres deep and contains crystal-clear, well-oxidized water with rare species of fish. In a word – the ideal place for underwater adventures.

Do you have an urge to climb mountains?

You will be amazed by the Table Mountains (Gory Stolowe) with their fabulous shapes. These are the only mountains in Poland with a plate structure, built of horizontal layers, and carved by the wind and water into shapes which have led to names like Needle Eye, Horse Head, Mammoth and so on.

g_stolowe biebrzanskipn

Are you looking to taste the exotic?

You will find it in the driest corner of Poland. The country’s only desert area is the 10 km long Bledowska Desert, which is featured in the film “Pharaoh”. It is said that mirages were seen there until quite recently. However, the most unusual sands are to be found in the Slowinski National Park: monumental shifting dunes which move at speeds as fast as 10 metres per year. They have already engulfed several villages!

Do you like to observe nature in the wild?

Visit the Biebrza Marshes, the most extensive in Central Europe. With a bit of luck, you will get to see the short-eared owl, snipe, curlew, cranes, grouse, terns and many more. Almost 300 species of marsh-dwelling birds live here, including some rare kinds, which have chosen this, Poland’s largest national park, as their breeding ground.
You must also be sure to visit Puszcza Bialowieska, the last fragment of virgin forest on the European plain. In the Polish part of the forest, as well as almost 400 wild bison, you will find the “oak trail”, marked out between centuries-old oak trees, named after the Polish and Lithuanian kings and princes who once hunted in this forest.

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