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Sixteen destinations in Poland have been awarded Google Maps’ coveted Golden Pin award. The awards are handed out to those locations which, based on the opinions of Google Maps’ users, are rated as being top notch. From the world’s largest castle in Malbork and an African oceanarium in Wroclaw, to the world’s first UNESCO site in Kraków and 220 acres of green space in Poznan, Poland is the gold standard when it comes to holidays!

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Winter experiences in Poland

Unfortunate pandemic restrictions on hotel accommodations and Christmas markets cancellations damped the usual winter and holiday spirit. Nevertheless, winter tourism is a type of niche travelwhich Poland isideally situated to accommodate. Poland...

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Tarnowskie Gory - Silver Mine

An exquisite tourist attraction was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List was added in July 2017 -  Tarnowskie Gory Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine and its Underground Water Management System.

It is located in Upper Silesia, in southern Poland, one of the main mining areas of central Europe.  The mine includes the entire underground mine with adits, shafts, galleries and other features of the water management system. Most of the property is situated underground while the surface mining topography features relics of shafts and waste heaps, as well as the remains of the 19th century steam water pumping station.

The labyrinth of mining excavations dates back to the 15th century but its development continued over five hundred years to 20th century.  Today it is a unique tourist attraction with a route over one mile long, including a part covered by boat, is open to public.  The visitors can see only a small part of the extensive labyrinth of corridors.  The tour includes three shafts: Angel, Viper and God Bless  There is also a mining museum which tells you history of the mine and the area.  

For visitor information go http://kopalniasrebra.pl/en/homepage/ 
Tarnowskie Gory Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine makes a part of the Industrial Monuments Route, which takes you to 42 interesting sites.

It is also a perfect start of your visit to Slaskie Region, where there are plenty of options for cultural, heritage and adventure tours – find our more at the official Slask website.


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