Theme parks and historical trails


Themed tourist trails are an opportunity to learn what is unique and unrepeatable in the Polish landscape. They can be a lesson in history, literature or .......tolerance.

Remains of buildings from the Stone Age (dating back eight thousand to five thousand years) and early Middle Ages were discovered in the village of Biskupin in northern Poland.
The Route of the Lubomirski Family Estates leads through the most interesting places in the Podkarpackie region, the south-east corner of Poland), the Lwow Province of the Ukraine and the Presov Region of Slovakia.
Visitors can experience the living history of the Malopolska Region (Southern Poland) enshrined in the marvels of its wooden architecture.
The Piastowski Route is one of Poland’s most eagerly visited tourist tracts.
In 2005 the first stage of a walking trail was marked and put into use. It runs along the most interesting remnants of military architecture on the eastern side of the Świna River mouth.
Hitler’s headquarters at Gierłoż, known as Wolf’s Lair, is one of the most sinister places in the region, but it attracts many tourists because of its recent historical associations.
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