Białowieza National Park

It covers the central part of the Białowieża Forest which is known worldwide for its vast, virgin forest and the breeding grounds of the European bison. Today the largest bison herd to be found here is made up of over 300 animals. The park constitutes an area of mixed forests with an unusual abundance of diverse tree varieties which grow in their natural state, untouched by man, with many of the trees reaching heights seldom seen elsewhere in Europe.

The park’s wildlife is particularly rich: the Białowieża Forest constitutes the nesting grounds for 120 species of birds and, in addition to bison, other larger mammals such as elk, red deer, wolf, lynx, and beaver are frequently seen here. In the special exhibition reserve, visitors can not only come in very close contact with the bison but also elks, wild boars and red deer. The most protected part of the park is a special conservation area with access to this area only in the company of a guide. The magnificent Royal Oak Trail is also worth mentioning, and visiting. The Bialowieski National Park has been recorded on the UNESCO list of World Biosphere Reserves and on the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

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