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Railway Attractions in Wielkopolska

The Steam Engine House in Wolsztyn

The Steam Engine House in Wolsztyn was founded in 1907, is the last active institution of this type in Europe. Most of the facilities are preserved in their original form. The oldest steam engine exhibited here was produced in 1908 in Królewiec. It reaches the maximum speed of 65 km/h and uses seven tons of water as well as two tons of coal. Visitors will also find here the representative of the last locomotive batch produced in Poland, the “Ty 51”. It was manufactured in Hipolit Cegielski Factory in Poznan in 1957. Apart from steam engines, the exhibition contains historical carriages, trolleys and repair equipment.

At the beginning of May the House organizes the annual “Locomotive Show” the highlight of which is the parade of old locomotives.

The Gniezno Access Railway

Currently, Gniezno Access Railway exploits the section from Gniezno to Anastazewo (38 km). It is one of the last steam tractions remaining in Europe. Although the railway services mostly freight trains (predominantly Witkowo-

Powidz), it is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction. The rail leads though charming Gniezno Lake District (Gniezno-Ansatazewo, located on Powidz Lake). Tourists have at their disposal the historical steam locomotives Px48 and passenger cars from the 50’s of the 20th century as well as special open (adjusted for tourist purposes) carriages. For guided groups it is a possible to order a special ride, whereas individual tourists may (in summer) use it on weekends, according to the timetable.

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