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A family vacation of a lifetime is what Poland can offer you. Whether you prefer a trip full of history and culture, a chance to reconnect with nature, or a simple relaxed vacation, Poland will deliver.

Give your children a hands-on history lesson which promises never to get dreary. Delve into the rich and varied history of Poland by visiting some of its thirteen Cultural World Heritage Sites. Experience the town of Krakow, Poland's historical central district which in itself has around six thousand historic sites and more than two million works of art of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic origins, as well as many castles, palaces, churches, theatres and mansions.

Visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine in the Krakow district. One of the world's oldest salt mines, it has over 240 km of underground tunnels and lakes, dozens of statues and cathedrals of salt. It's a surreal subterranean world, and one that will be greatly enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Rynek Underground Museum, right below the market square, is perhaps the most realistic and interactive history lesson you and your children could possibly enjoy. It depicts Krakow's past identity by using holograms, projectors and screens, to recreate Krakow as it was 700 years ago. It also combines modern technology with original artefacts, to form some truly remarkable exhibits. If only learning history was always this fun, right?

And that's not the only fascinating museum in Krakow. The Schindlers Factory Museum is an impressive collection of exhibits depicting the Nazi occupation of Kraków in World War II. Well-organised and innovative exhibits tell the story of the city from 1939 to 1945, recreating urban elements such as a trams a train station underpass and a crowded ghetto apartment within the factory's walls. This museum is an immersive and moving experience, and one that should not be missed.

Of course, you can also pay homage to the Holocaust victims and survivors, and feel the weight of an important piece of history at the Auschwitz concentration camp, a short ride away from Krakow.

Wherever you go in Poland, you will enjoy a wide variety of delicious food. Whether it's the rich local food, international cuisine, or the comfort of Indian food, you'll find whatever you're looking for. A culinary delight is at hand no matter what you choose.

Pay a visit to Warsaw where nature and architecture intertwine beautifully. See the impressive Palace of Culture and Science, the Royal Castle and the many medieval mansions and churches. Walk along the cobbled roads of Warsaw's Old Town district and soak in the indefatigable spirit of a town that revived itself after being destroyed by the German troops in World War II.

And after you do that, have a hearty meal at one of Warsaw's famed restaurants and take your children to the vast and futuristic structure that is the Copernicus Science Centre. Here, they can interact with the exhibits and perform experiments, to understand the basics of science for themselves, instead of having it taught to them. We suspect you'll also get caught up in exploring the world of science, and will have to be dragged away by your kids!

And pop into Wroclaw, a city bustling with fascinating architecture, monuments, gardens and museums. Visit the Rynek, the central square, walk along the Oder River, take your pick among its many museums and churches.

If your idea of a family vacation is soaking in all the natural sights that Poland has to offer, there's no dearth of options.
Head to the beautiful Tatra mountains. Learn the basics of skiing as a family, or spend some time wandering the lush countryside, visiting the nearby parks and luxuriating in the environment of the charming old mountain towns.

The Pieniny Mountains with the picturesque Dunajec River Gorge is a landscape of ravines and canyons, castles and monuments. Raft your way down the river with dazzling views of the cliffs and peaks, visit the Pieniny National Park, see a piece of the past at the ancient wooden churches - a UNESCO Heritage sight, and wind down by soaking in the mineral waters of a health spa.

Poland has 23 National Parks, some of which are entirely untouched by human intervention for hundreds of years. Flora, fauna and all the information you could ever want to know about them are all available there. The Białowieża National Park might be the most unique of these. It consists of the remains of a primeval old forest which has been flourishing with no human intervention whatsoever. Go for a stroll in the shaded depths of the forest, and try to spot the wild bison that are abundant in its interiors.

If it's water bodies you're after, pack your bags and head to the Masurian lake district which has more than 2000 lakes. Take your pick. Do you want to kayak? Yacht? Sail? Swim? Take a family poll and decide which one you want to do first.

Another option is to let the kids run free on the sandy beaches of Gdansk and Sopot while you relax in the shade of an umbrella with a drink in your hand. Shallow blue waters and white sand make these beaches perfect for children and adults. Organise a game of volleyball for the kids, or let them play in the beachside slides and pools, before stopping in at one of the many shore-side restaurants.

And then, let your adventurous side free. Head to the Bay of Puck in Gdansk and try a new water sport- Kitesurfing. The shallow waters and strong winds make this spot one of the best for kitesurfing in Europe, so if you want to cross one more item off your bucket list, this is where you should go.

And to top it off, take your family to the lovely Malbork Castle for a light and sound show based on the castle's history. Guided by a mysterious monk, learn the most dramatic events in Malbork's history in a new and enjoyable manner that will enthral the entire family.

If you want a true Polish experience, abandon the traditional concepts of a vacation and visit the many Polish farms. Enjoy the beauty of a quiet life, far from the hustle and bustle of modern civilisation. This is the sort of vacation you'd take with your entire family, and it's perfect for people of all ages.

A stay at a Polish farm will get you all the inside information on the local attractions, and organised trips to go see them. Whether you want to see nature trails, skiing or sightseeing, the hosts usually arrange for it. This is in addition to local farm life, which children will delight in, for it involves feeding and playing with the resident animals, enjoying themselves in playgrounds, and participating in workshops like pottery and sculpting.

Choose Poland for your next family vacation. It promises to be a wholesome wonderful trip, and one you'll remember for years to come.

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