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Cień Klub

Opened in 2003, Cień Klub has been named the best nightclub in Krakow by Polish radio station Planeta FM for several years running. Located near the city’s main public square, the club occupies the former cellars of a 17th-century palace and contains two dance floors, three bars, and two chill-out rooms. Leather banquettes sit underneath old stone arches to give the place a unique ambiance. Cień Klub’s resident artists behind the decks, all prominent players on the Polish music scene, specialize in different varieties of house music.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Thu-Sat: 10:30am-6pm

Watch out for: The club card which grants the owner discounts and free admission

Address & telephone number: 15 Świętego Jana, Krakow, Poland, +48 12 422 21 77

Frantic Club

Frantic Club can hold up to 500 people and is often filled to the brim, such is its popularity. Across its five bars and two dancefloors clubbers gather to dance to a mix of pop, house, R&B, EDM, and hip-hop spun by both Polish and international DJs. Guests in the past have included Spanish electronic music producer David Penn and British techno group Soul Avengerz. The club’s bright, vibrant colors and modern, minimalist design match the mostly youthful crowd who fill its floors each week.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Wed-Thu: 10:30pm-5am, Fri: 10:45pm-5am, Sat: 10:30pm-5am

Watch out for: Ladies' Night on Wednesdays

Address & telephone number: 5 Szewska, Krakow, Poland, +48 784 828 469

Taawa Music Club

The location of Taawa Music Club – in Krakow’s bohemian Kazimierz district – gives an indication that you can listen to more here than just what you’d hear on the radio. A fully equipped stage is used regularly by live musicians and dancers, with guitars, drums, and saxophones displacing the ubiquitous DJ decks. Armchairs, sofas, bar stools, and an air-conditioned smoking room are provided if you need a break from the dancing, while a VIP area with a dedicated sound system caters to the more discerning guests.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Fri-Sat: 9pm-6am

Watch out for: The range of cocktails which includes a Polish favorite, the Red Mist

Address & telephone number: 18 Estery, Krakow, Poland, +48 12 421 06 00

Baccarat Music Club

With 10 rooms spread across its sprawling 500 square meter premises, Baccarat Music Club is by far the most extravagant nightclub in Krakow. No expense has been spared in outfitting the club with designer furniture, chandeliers, disco balls, and several bars. Such luxury attracts a slightly older, more sophisticated clientele than that found in other Krakow clubs. The guest DJs, musicians, and vocalists play a range of genres, from Latino rhythms and disco to house and dance.

Price: Upscale

Opening hours: Thu-Fri: 9pm-5am, Sat: 8pm-5am

Watch out for: The 60-person VIP space

Address & telephone number: 13 Stolarska, Krakow, Poland, +48 695 116 760

Stalowe Magnolie

Stalowe Magnolie is not your typical nightclub. With its sumptuous scarlet color scheme, silk-canopied velvet beds, and gilded sculptures, you may think yourself in the Moulin Rouge rather than Krakow. This elaborately decorated venue plays host to live music each day of the week, and while there is a dance floor and DJ in one room, most guests attend for the blues, soul, and jazz played by local and international bands. The names of some of their exquisite cocktails – like the watermelon and vodka My Way and the chocolate-infused Coco Chanel – are indicative of the club’s style.

Price: Mid-range

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 10pm-4am

Watch out for: The secret bar and cigar lounge hidden at the back of the club

Address & telephone number: 15 Świętego Jana, Krakow, Poland, +48 12 422 84 72

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