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This villa is decorated in tune with the 1920s/1930s era. There are a number of spacious downstairs halls and rooms that can be rented out for bigger groups. They also have a little garden that is lovely to sit in during the warmer months. Their cuisine is mainly French and Italian, and they serve good seafood dishes. Their cream of mushroom soup is especially popular. If you love their dishes and are interested in brushing up on your cooking skills, it is possible to organize a cooking session with their classically trained chef.


The owners of the Lokal wish to highlight and exploit the value of being ‘local’, whether it’s eating local food or taking part in local initiatives. Therefore, the Lokal showcases works by local artists and hosts concerts by local bands. They do vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes. They cook traditional dishes such as pork neck, but they also cook with different vegetables and fruits to make interesting combinations, like the celeriac and apple puree or the rowan, juniper and redcurrant sauce. Leave enough room for the apple, prune and cranberry crumble with a spelt and oat crust. They do delicious breakfasts too.

U Milscha

This beautiful villa was built by a beer merchant in the 1870s. It changed hands many times before becoming a restaurant. The interior is elegant and old-fashioned, with chandeliers, painted ceilings and neoclassical-style columns embedded in the walls. Their menu includes a mix of Polish, European and Russian dishes. Their signature dishes are ox tongue with caramel sauce and duck breast with cherry, balsamic vinegar and chocolate sauce. They host a tango evening every Wednesday night and they organize mystery nights where the guests have to guess the reason behind the disappearance of Łódź’s industrial families in the 19th century. Their events are a lot of fun.


This restaurant offers the chance to taste some fabulous Jewish cuisine. The menu includes options such as Jewish-style salmon and traditional chicken broth, as well as several herring-based dishes. There are also some regional specialties on offer, such as the Łódź’s beet salad. They host live music every night with a fiddler in one room and a pianist in another. The place has a quaint décor with dark-wooden beams, portraits on the walls and a 19th century piano. The restaurant is located right in the city center so you can’t miss it.

Gęsi Puch

Gęsi Puch stands out for the magical beauty and originality of its dining rooms. The name translates as ‘Goose Down’, and in tune with the restaurant’s name, one of the dining rooms is decorated with two giant geese. There is also a blue-brick fireplace, chandeliers and an arched door. The other dining room has giant pink lamps with dangling fringes. The cuisine served here is a mix of Polish and European specialties. They make tasty meat dishes including chicken, duck, pork and rabbit, often served with white cabbage. The food is beautifully presented, and the venue is perfect for a romantic dinner.


This restaurant‘s special feature is that during the summer months you can sit outside in your own individual gazebo to eat your lunch or dinner. The garden is decorated with colored lights and there’s a little bridge over a pond full of goldfish. The place is ideal for a romantic meal or if you’re looking for peace and intimacy. There’s a wide variety of dishes to choose from and they range in price, so there’s something for everyone. Most dishes are meat or fish based but they also do soups and salads. Their cuisine includes both European and Polish elements. The menu feaetures many traditional recipes such as Pierogi, boiled dough pockets with fillings, and Bigos, a dish made of sauerkraut, meat and mushrooms.

Restauracja Montenegro

Montenegro restaurant is extremely popular with the locals and specializes in Balkan cuisine. They attach great importance to the meat – mainly pork and lamb – and the way it is cooked. They offer some traditional dishes such as minced meat fingers orbaklava, a cake made with walnuts. The restaurant is small but cozy and the walls are decorated with friezes of Balkan-style white castles embedded into rock cliffs. Here everyone is made to feel welcome and the portions are generous.

Karczma u Chochola

Many come here just for the décor, which is inspired by old-fashioned Polish country cottages and taken to an extreme so that it almost becomes kitschy. They serve traditional Polish food, with dishes like stuffed goose neck, dumplings and white sausages. They also offer good Polish beer and liquors. The most notorious is theMiodówka, which is a liquor made with distilled spirits, honey, and fruits such as cherry, plum or quince fruits. It is advisable not to drive home after trying the amazing liquors offered in this restaurant.

Drukarnia Skład Wina & Chleba

This trendy restaurant is located in an old red-brick building that used to be a printer’s workshop. It is very popular with the young local crowd. They bake their own bread from home-made dough which is definitely worth trying. Their menu is international, including pasta dishes, curry dishes, and burgers with homemade buns. The restaurant is also part winery so here you can taste and buy quality wine from all over the world. If you’re looking for somewhere relaxed and informal in the center of town, this is the place for you.

Restauracja Marcello

Marcello Restaurant was created by a famous Polish chef, Magda Gessler. Here, they specialize in Italian and seafood dishes. The pasta and pizzas are homemade and they are very popular with the locals, without forgetting the delicious prawn risotto. The charming décor features wood tables painted in white, little lamps scattered around  the spacious room and green plants decorating the tables. The restaurant can get very full so you might have to wait for a table.

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