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MazurianLocated in northeastern part of Poland, the Masurian Lake District is also often called “A land of a thousand lakes”. In fact, 10,000 years ago, the glacier shaped more than three thousand of them, making this region a unique place. 
In the past, the District was a part of German province of East Prussia, inhabited by Germans, Poles and Lithuanians – a mix which allowed developing “masurian” identity among those living here. What has left from the past is the cuisine and beautiful architecture, especially in the countryside, among clean lakes and abysmal forests. 

Today, the Masurian Lake District offers a broad variety of touristic activities. The main are connected with a system of lakes and channels, which make the main sailing route. It stretches from the town of Węgorzewo in the north of the region, through Giżycko and Mikołajki, to Ruciane Nida in the south. It is an excellent base for canoeing, windsurfing and of course sailing – every summer the major lakes host international boat racing events. Large primeval forests – Puszcza Piska and Puszcza Borecka - surrounding Masurian Lake District, add to the attractiveness of the region. Biking and horse riding among forests, fields and lakes are just some of the ways to explore the Masurian land. The beauty of nature, clean and fresh air, friendly people – all of this and much more make Masurian Lake District one of the best spots for vacation in this part of Europe.

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