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Hunters in Poland form a brotherhood with their own traditions, language and customs. As they say, they are not bloodthirsty killers, but ‘selectioners’, assisting in the natural balance of nature. It is worth becoming acquainted with their traditions, language and customs, even if you don’t want to have anything to do with shooting the animals.


The record pike caught with a fishing rod in Poland weighed over 24 kg, and the biggest carp was 3kg heavier. The anglers who caught them said that the fight took over five hours! In Poland, even the calm waters on the shores of a Mazurian lake can turn into an adventure.

There are many very good areas in Poland for fishing with more than 20 fish species which can be caught – others are protected:

  • in the mountains – trout, salmon,
  • in the lakes and rivers, - pike, pikeperch, catfish and eels.

The rivers and lakes which are the richest in fish are found in the northern part of Poland.

Around the Baltic coast most of the fish can be found in small river deltas.

You can also fish in some of the man-made lakes in Poland, for example, Zalew Zegrzyński, not far from Warsaw, Sulejowski, close to Łódź and Soliński in the Bieszczady, and many others.

During the winter ice fishing is very popular especially on the lakes in the Mazury.

All fishermen have to have an angling license and a suitable fishing permit.
These documents are issued by Polski Związek Wędkarski (The Polish Angling Association). Their offices are in all the district capital towns. The Headquarters of the Association is on 42 Twarda St., tel: +4822 620 89 66.

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Poland is also a country of forests and meadows.
Poland’s natural environment is excellent for organizing hunts and big-game hunting has rich, deeply rooted traditions.
Game is found in great abundance across the country, among these are the habitual, hares, boars, roe-deer, deer, foxes, ducks, partridges and pheasants.
Much less common animals which you can encounter are: moose, fallow deer and moufflon.

The areas richest in wild animals that can be hunted are in the north east of Poland (Mazury, Suwalszczyzna, and Podlasie). Here you have a great abundance of mostly deer.

The Bieszczady region is another typical hunting region.

Polish law requires a person who wants to obtain a hunting permit, first to obtain a gun license and to become a member of the Polski Związek Łowiecki (The Polish Hunting Association Warszawa ul. Nowy Świat 35, tel. +48 22 826 20 51).
Foreign residents with permanent residence permits for Poland can also apply for a hunting license.
Those whose stay in Poland is very short, and feel the need of the sensations of stalking and hunting, should contact one of the many firms in this country which organize hunting expeditions.

Information concerning hunting is accessible by contacting Hunting Associations. A list of them can be found here: which is a very good site but unfortunately not in English yet.

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