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wspinaczkaMemories of your first bungee jump or paintball encounter or an impressive rock you climbed, all these moments remain forever. It is easy to get addicted to the adrenaline rush in Poland. Why? Because Poland is an adventure.

The seasonal changes in Poland create favorable conditions for adventure seekers. In winter they can dive under sheets of ice on Lake Galadus, catch the wind in their ice yachting sails on Lake Sniardwy or swim in the icy slush of the Krutynia River.
The thaw in spring is the ideal time for undergoing survival camp: in the marshlands of Kaszuby or Podlasie or in the Augustowski Forest. Mud contributes greatly to any car rally or extreme motor sport. The Bieszczady, Podlasie and Mazury regions attract fans of quad cars; Gorce and Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska are for cross motorcyclists.

When it gets warmer, the slopes of the Zar Mountain or the Szybowcowa Mountain near Jelenia Gora are filled with fans of paragliding. It is also popular in Mazury (in the high season) and on the Baltic seacoast. To paraglide solo you have to undergo training, and pass the test of course.

No training is needed for pair parachuting with an instructor or to go ballooning with a crew. There is an International Ballooning Festival which takes place in Chelmno where the sky fills with balloons of all shapes and sizes, a truly marvelous sight.

Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska is the place for the rock-climbing and is very popular with Polish climbers. No has been allowed to climb the symbolic and emblematic, Hercules’ Club, since the ‘30s, and it is still forbidden to do so. You will find paralotniamany climbers on the Zborow and Koloczek Mountains near Podlesice and the rocks by Rzedkowice.

You don’t have to leave the town to taste adventure, however. In districts of apartment blocks the spectacular parcour, the art of conquering urban obstacles: rubbish heaps, frames for beating carpets, benches and roofs, is gaining popularity. The informal group, Warsaw’s Extreme Tourism, in the capital city, organises expeditions through abandoned forts, climbing chimneys and walks on bridge spans.

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