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On the snowy skiing trails

Białka Tatrzańska and Poronin are popular holiday spots close to Zakopane. Their gentle slopes are equipped with many ski lifts and picturesque, well-prepared skiing trails. There are many other attractions to make your winter holiday in Zakopane a fascinating adventure. Very captivating are the hiking paths running along the valleys of the Tatra National Park, located in the close neighbourhood of the city. A bit further is the Chochołowska valley with its magnificent views over the snow-covered mountaintops.

Situated in the Silesian Beskid, Szczyrk is a real paradise for skiers. Thanks to the number of its skiing trails and their attractiveness, it is considered to be the most important winter sports centre in Poland. The skiing grounds are very diversified. They include the FIS route for expert skiers, the famous Bieńkula and Golgota trails that are always well maintained and provided with sufficient amount of artificial snow if necessary, and many smaller skiing grounds designated for beginners. The nearby Salmopol Pass and Biła also have much to offer to skiers of different skills. The slopes of the mountains in the neighbourhood of Szczyrk are covered with snow from December to April. The highest peaks reach the altitude of 1100-1200 metres above sea level. The alpine skiers can use the network of 30 ski lifts and enjoy the chairlift to the top of Mt Skrzyczne.

In the Silesian Beskid, there are many smaller winter sports centres worth recommendation. One of them is Wisła with its well-prepared ski runs on Mts Stożek, Malinka and Soszowa. Other centres are located near Bielsko-Biała, in the region of Mts Szyndzielnia and Klimczok. Here the skiers can enjoy many pistes that vary in character, and use a modern funicular. Ustroń has a cable car on Mt Czantoria and a ski lift in the nearby Jaszowiec.

Korbielów is a very popular winter sports centre in the Żywiec Beskid. There are many ski lifts on the slopes of Mt Pilsko, and the snow holds on them till the end of May. Szczawnica is an important spa in the Pieniny Mountains. It has recently become a popular destination for skiers.

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