Chlewiska is an absolutely exceptional place... In 1135, Piotr Dunin from Skrzynno, a knight and prefect, built a small knight’s castle, which later on was expanded into a palace. Thanks to the following owners of Chlewiska – the family of Odrowąż – the settlement obtained municipal rights in 1360. The reconstruction of the old Dunin castle into an impressive palace, which constitutes as the biggest attraction of Chlewiska is credited to the Odrowąż family. This is where a Polish clothing company created a fairy-tale like SPA and Wellness centre, furnished in Sarmatian opulence.

Guests have at their disposal both the perfectly renovated Palace of the Odrowąż Family, all the historical utility buildings and a park. It is possible to spend the night and entertain yourself in the old stable (Stajnia) from 1886. The building was built from local sandstone reinforced with cast iron construction. The “Thermal Castle” is situated nearby – a new building skilfully “blended” into the historic whole and connected with the "Stajnia" via a covered passage. The building holds ancient-style Roman Baths with an orangery, professional health and leisure center, conference rooms and 22 “ofuro – SPA“ rooms.

The Vital Village’s offer is somewhat extraordinary. The village is an idyllic settlement in the park near the palace, where various types of saunas are the main attraction. In eight cottages, covered with asp shingle, there are authentic Russian Saunas, Finnish Saunas, Polish barrels with hot water under which the bathers themselves put wood, infrared light-sauna, a restaurant, a bar, grill and everything one may desire. The collision of cultures incites interest and shock: a Japanese tub with cold water under fresh air and next to it... a salt cottage. And all this in the shadow of the ultra modern “Thermal Castle”.

The Manor House can be proud of its elegant stable and their 14 horses and has room for additional guests’ horses. Rolling hills, rich forests and broad fields make for exceptional terrain for unforgettable trips.

It is worth seeing the many neighbouring places which are very important for Polish and even the world’s history. Chlewiska itself is very interesting with a XII century church, a museum of metallurgic art and an affiliate of the National Museum. The town of Szydłowiec is located nearby with a very interesting museum of musical instruments. Manor House is also close to Orońsko, where the elite Center of Polish Sculpture is situated, and the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains region – Kielce. At the foot of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains there are extraordinary places like the geological reserves called "Dolina Kamiennej (The valley of the river Kamienna)", or the Bałtów Jurassic Park near Krzemionki Opatowskie. In Krzemionki Opatowskie one may visit a unique neolithic flint mine. More information on the striped flint, a unique stone which is rarer than diamonds and on its mines near the Świetokrzyskie Mountains will be available in a different article on this website.

From the palace park one may see the gentle slopes of the calciferous mountains overgrown with forests, which are the foothills of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It is hard to imagine a more exclusive place as a starting point for excursions in this region than the SPA in the palace of Chlewiska.

We invite you to spend a couple of moments in a different world... a world of beautiful furniture, Old Polish cuisine, murmuring fireplaces... and horses, on which you can gallop forgetting about reality, in the middle of the charming nature of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. In Chlewiska you will find souvenirs of glorious history and works of great Polish culture as well as crystal clear air and water, and nice, hospitable people.

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