Krynica, the pearl of mountain health resorts, is still the most fashionable resort in Poland. The 19th century stylish guesthouses are situated close to modern centers. In the restaurants and cafés dancing is organised and five o’clock teas served (afternoon dances). A selection of different mineral waters provides the energy necessary for dancing. The strongest of these is called – Zuber. It has a sharp smell of bad eggs!

Those who prefer calmer places in Malopolska choose Muszyna and Piwniczna in Beskid Sadecki or Szczawnica in Pieniny, where – using SPA waters – ailments of the digestive system and nicotine addiction can be combated. Their potency has been tested by Ada Sari who healed her throat in Szczawnica. Families with children go to Rabka in Gorce, which is called the Town of the Children of Light. Here they breathe a special, healthy air.

Visitors are drawn to Podkarpacie because of its SPA resorts with long traditions – Horyniec, where the King Jan III Sobieski drank the mineral waters and the charming Iwonicz, where mineral waters have been drunk since 1578. The air in Iwonicz is saturated with iodine and ozone, resembling a coastal climate which facilitates the curing of problems of the upper respiratory system and the heart.

The Dolnoslaskie Voivodship also has many health resorts and some of the mineral springs have been in use for 750 years! Cieplice, particuraly loved by Queen Marysienka Sobieska, is proud to have the hottest spring in the country (87 C). The radon waters in Ladek Zdroj increase vitality and the level of hormones responsible for a more satisfying sex life. Duszniki attracts guests with the Chopin Festival, as well as the mineral spring of the same name.

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