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You are what you eat. It seems that these days Poles are making more informed choices about what they eat than ever before. They rely more on natural foods than mass-produced products, even if it means they have to pay more. Market insiders point out the high growth rates of the organic food industry are connected to a growing distrust in conventional food, even though it is only 4% of Poles who buy organic food regularly. According to a 2012 survey by TNS, 26% said they buy it only sporadically but would like to buy it more often.

Polish organic food does not differ from that elsewhere in Europe. Still, there may be some good-quality and typically Polish products you have never heard about but would like to try anyway. 

Soured milk

Can you imagine a simple lunch classic of new potatoes with melted butter and dill and a glass of soured milk? In Poland, soured milk is made of fresh, raw milk placed inside a clay jar, which due to the bacteria normally present in milk, turns sour. It is incredibly healthy because the lactose present in raw milk gets broken down by bacteria and becomes better tolerated by the body.


Sauerkraut is a form of fermented cabbage, popular in Poland for hundreds of years. Similar to cultured dairy products like yogurt and kefir, the sauerkraut fermentation process produces beneficial probiotics that improve the immune, cognitive, digestive, and endocrine function. 


With the centuries-long beekeeping tradition, Poland is Europe’s top producer of honey. Rich in vitamin and enzymes not found in any other natural foodstuff, honey is valued as a natural and healthy product. It comes in different varieties, named after the plants they are made from. These include spring rapeseed, heather, buckwheat, acacia, linden, clover, raspberry, and others.

Traditional Polish bread

Traditional Polish bread is an oval-shaped loaf, distinguished by its light, delicate flavor and delicious aroma. It is a mixture of wheat and rye flour, which is why it has so many positive effects on your organism. Rye suppresses your desire to eat and does not spike your blood sugar levels, which can cause uncontrollable hunger and diminished energy, leading to weight gain.

Polish sour pickles

Unlike elsewhere in Europe, Polish pickled cucumbers are made using natural fermentation, instead of vinegar, which is why all the natural probiotics that form in the fermentation process are preserved. They are pickled with garlic, dill, and unrefined salt, which accounts for their perfect sour taste.

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