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The West Pomeranian Sailing Route

The West Pomeranian Sailing Route is a comprehensive supra-regional tourist product, covering a network of harbors and sailing marinas within the area of Szczecin, Szczecin Lagoon and the West Pomeranian Baltic coast.

The West Pomeranian Sailing Route encapsulates around 20 new locations or modernized sailing marinas and ports. The shores of Szczecin Lagoon, the vicinity of the Wolin National Park or the Parsęta River outlet to the Baltic Sea cause that the Route's ports and marinas are situated in places of unique natural values. The route also leads through unique monuments of historical and cultural value. The border location of the Province and the cross-border nature of Szczecin Lagoon render the route a euro-regional area of water tourism. A special potential relies on combining the possibilities of numerous sailing tours on inland waterways (Channel: Oder – Havel , Oder, Dąbie Lake, Szczecin Lagoon, the Kamień Pomorski Lagoon, the Piana, Świna and Dziwna Straits) with sailing on the high seas – along the Baltic coast, creating a Europe – unique space of sailing freedom, which renders the West Pomeranian Sailing Route the only route of this type in Europe.

Within the area of the sailing route there operate multiple trade enterprises specializing, among others, in design, construction and repair of vessels, the production and distribution of kayaks and sailing equipment, the sale of boats and motor boats, the supply of a specialist equipment of marinas and camping sites, devices of water navigation, the wholesale of windsurfing and kite surfing equipment, chartering vessels, as well as schools of sailing for children and teenagers.


PORT JACHTOWY "Marina Pogoń" [Yacht Port]
Stowarzyszenie Euro Jachtklub Pogoń
ul. Przestrzenna 3, 70- 800 Szczecin
Tel./fax +48 91 462 46 57

Jacht Klub AZS Szczecin [Yacht Club]
ul. Przestrzenna 9, 70-800 Szczecin
+48 91 461 27 34

Port Jachtowy – Marina Wapnia [Yacht Club]
ul. Turkusowa 3c, 72-500 Wapnica-Międzyzdroje
+48 885 514 000

Marina Kamień Pomorski [Marina in Kamień Pomorski]
Aleja Mistrzów Żeglarstwa 2, 72-400 Kamień Pomorski
Przystań techniczna tel. 913820882
Marina Kamień Pomorski tel. 661213391

Marina Solna Kołobrzeg [Marina in Kołobrzeg]
Zarząd Portu Morskiego Kołobrzeg Sp. z o.o. [Management of the Kołobrzeg Sea Port]
ul. Szyprów 1,78-100 Kołobrzeg
Tel/fax. + 48 94 351 67 65

Zarząd Portu Morskiego Darłowo Spółka z o.o. [Management of the Darłowo Sea Port]
ul. Wilków Morskich 17, 76-153 Darłowo
Tel./fax +48 94 314 51 85

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