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Kayaking in Poland

1. Rospuda River

Paddle down the Rospuda  within Suwałki Region. Crystal clear waters will steer you through a lush landscape, channel lakes and swamps before widening downstream in Augustów. Easy to paddle and relatively shallow, the river is ideal for beginners.

2. Dunajec River 

Pieniny are renowned for their beauty and never-ending mountains. Nestled in those rolling hills are some fierce waterways of the Dunajec River, perfect for kayaking. Tackling the river may be challenging, especially near the Dunajec River Gorge, but well worth the adventure. As you paddle down, you will not be lacking for views of surrounding mountains.

3. Krutynia River

There is arguably no better spot for kayaking than this Masurian river. Winding gently through the picuresque Pisz Forest and Masurian Landcape Park, Krutynia is recommended for families. Children will love passing the Guzianka watergate and enjoy the sight of the river’s red-stained stones.

4. Biebrza River

If you are a nature-lover, take a float down the Biebrza, meandering through a wide valley forming oxbow lakes and distributaries. Along the way you will have ample opportunities to see a variety of wildlife and birds.

5. Drawa River

No list of the top kayak trails would be complete without the Drawa. The initially slow-moving waterway becomes tricky in the area of Drawa National Park. With the fallen trees, rocky river bed and sharp bends on your way, you will not be lacking for adventure. An absolute must for experienced paddlers and adrenaline seekers.

6. Lake Drawsko

Lake Drawsko in the Drawa National Park  is a perfect spot to try out kayaking for the first time, or just spend a leisurely day on still water, surrounded by nature. Amazing shoreline with plenty of spots to stop, massive cliffs, picturesque bays and islands will maximize your experience.

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