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Krutynia River
This river is the most beautiful kayaking trail in Europe. It meanders between moraine hills, passes through 17 lakes and the thickets of
Piska Forest. Rare bird species are a special feature of the trail. Curious black storks fl y close to the kayaks as ravens, cormorants and cranes soar above your head. There are numerous hostels in the region offering comfortable accommodation and delicious regional dishes with the local specialty: European White Fish. Time needed to complete the route: up to 8 days, length: 100 km; daily sections: 10-24 km.

Down the Black Hańcza River
One of the most picturesque kayaking trails consists of two stages: rafting on the Black Hańcza River and the Augustów Channel. The trip starts on Wigry Lake. Up to Jałowy Róg the river squeezes itself through high escarpments and fl ows underneath a canopy of trees. Time needed to complete the route: 12 days, length 110 km; daily sections: 10-12 km.

On the Rospuda River
The three day kayaking trip on the Rospuda River requires experience. It is diffi cult where the river enters Augustów Forest as it rushes like a mountain torrent and the way is hindered by waterfalls, fallen trees and rocks. The route is beautiful and mysterious. Strong sensations guaranteed. Length: 80 km, daily sections: up to 12 km.

Riding the Drawa River current
The water way on this lowland river will charm everyone. Great backwaters, numerous twists and turns, tree trunks and thick reeds form the stunning scenery unfolding from Krzywe Lake in the post-glacial Five Lake Valley, through several lakes in the Drawa Lake District and the Drawa National Park. Length: 173 km.

The Augustów Channel
A two-day trip on the 35-km long section of the Augustów Channel from Rygole to Augustów is an exceptional adventure. The trail leads through Augustów Forest, the forest lakes of the Augustów Lake District and around 18 dams – historical engineering sites. Each dam is a masterpiece of construction from over 170 years ago and still functioning faultlessly.

Bird river
The Biebrza River and its backwaters is a paradise for bird enthusiasts who come here from all over the world. The trail is situated in the Biebrza National Park. It winds by beaver and elk refuges and countless colourful fl ocks of aquatic, migratory and non-migratory birds. The Biebrza Trail passes through swamps and the backwoods which facilitates bird watching. The Biebrza River countryside – beautiful at all times of the day. Length from Lipsk to the Biebrza confl uence with the Narew River: 145 km, daily sections: up to 14 km.

Dunajec, a river with character
On the international six-point scale of white water rivers (WW), the River Dunajec is rated at the 3rd level of diffi culty. Its strong current cuts through granite rocks and sculpts picturesque ravines. Sometimes it fl ows as it likes with a mountaineer's contrariness and robustness.

Choppy waves
Taking a pontoon or kayak down the Dunajec River requires experience; this river should not be dismissed as easy. It is best to use professional equipment and the services of a guide. The thirteen kilometer section of the river with a 12% drop is a real challenge for kayakers. It is an extremely diffi - cult natural kayaking water-way where you need to avoid the stony banks and rocks and fi ght the rushing current and waves. However, the Dunajec River does become gentler later when it passes through Chorshtyn Lake, Sromowce
Niżne and the Pieniny National Park where it forms a picturesque ravine.

On a Highland raft
The oldest, longest and most beautiful mountain kayaking trail on the Dunajec River is 15 km long with a decline of almost 40 meters. During a two and a half hour long trip on rafts the Dunajec will generously offer you unexpected sensations and picturesque views. Cutting through rock walls rising 300 meters above the water the river turns on itself seven times and sometimes it is hard to say in which direction the raft is going. As you marvel at the views listen to the stories which the Flis don't try to keep to themselves. They are as great storytellers as they are helmsmen.

Białka, proud queen of the mountains
Białka in the Tatra Mountains is a crystal clear river, alluring and haughty as a queen of the mountains. It is the most diffi cult mountain kayaking waterway in Poland - WW IV-IV+ and is accessible only to skilled kayakers with good equipment. Mountain kayakers usually choose the section from Jaworinka (Jurgów) to Czarna Góra, full of high ravines, rocky shores and shallows. Here in July the annual Mountain Kayaking School camps take place. Białka River is navigable only seasonally. It is most diffi cult and challenging after abundant rain fall and in Spring when the snows in the high passes of the Tatra Mountains begin to melt.

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