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Points to consider

  • Kitesurfing location. The water should be shallow for beginners and flat water for freestyle or freeride experts. The optimal water depth for less experienced kitesurfers is 1 metre. With soft and sandy bottom and the salinity averaging 3.5 percent, the Baltic Sea offers good kitesurfing conditions in this respect.
  • Wind direction. Always ride side-on shore or side shore. Offshore wind can blow you out to sea, while direct onshore winds can lead to serious accidents if something goes wrong.
  • Wind quality. It should be steady for new kite boarders, while those who have a high level of experience may opt for strong and gusty winds.

What are Poland’s best kitesurfing spots?

Hel Peninsula

Poland’s best-loved kitesurfing spot is the Hel Peninsula. It offers kitesurfers favourable water and wind conditions for 220 days in a year, from May till September. You can go nearly any direction here at wind speeds around 30 mph here.  

Bay of Puck, Rewa and Łeba

The Bay of Puck is a good kitesurfing location - a huge lagoon with relatively flat and shallow water and sandy bottom. The wind conditions are varied and changeable. In Rewa and Leba you will find varied wind directions and a number of shallows, which makes learning the sport easier. An additional benefit is a large number of kitesurfing schools in the area.

West Pomerania

The Baltic coast offers a number of good kitesurfing locations in West Pomerania. An extremely popular spot is the Wolin Island with shallow water reaching as far 300 metres from the shore. The winds here are steady and mostly westerly and southwesterly, with no squall if they are coming from the west. The spot is loved by newbies and experts alike. Other recommended places in the west of the Polish coast include Dziwnow, Miedzywodzie, Miedzyzdroje and Swinoujscie.

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