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Augustow Canal

The reason behind the construction of the Augustow Canal was customs war between the Kingdom of Poland, Russia and Prussia. Over 5,000 people took part in the construction of the Canal, and its main engineer – General Ignacy Pradzynski – managed to connect practical solutions with Polish national symbols. White sandstone and red bricks, which were used to build the canal locks, represented the Polish national colors.

Today the Augustow Canal is one of the most precious historical sites in Podlaskie Region. With its total length of 63 miles (102 km), 50 miles (80 km) of this inland waterway lie within Podlaskie. The Canal is a huge tourist attraction. Along the way there are 18 locks, which have been hand-operated for nearly 180 years. Each lock preserved an original plate with the name of its constructor and the construction date. The Canal was so designed to integrate with the nature of the Augustow Primaeval Forest, which gives a large number of opportunities for recreation in Augustow and the surrounding area. Water sport lovers can indulge in kayaking, while those who seek peaceful rest can set off on a ship, gondola or catamaran cruises or follow the Papal Trail. We also recommend bicycle tours or hiking trips along the Canal.

The Augustow Canal cross-border trail gives you the opportunity to visit Grodno in Belarus which can be reached by a kayak, bicycle or car. You can go further along the trail as far as Lithuania and the Niemen river. Once there you can’t miss Vilnius with its Old Town (the biggest in Europe), Trakai - the pride and former capital city of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kaunas - the bastion of Lithuanian tradition.

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