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The surrounds of the glade are very picturesque. To the north rise the "Kominiarski" (1829m) and the "Bobrowiec" (1663m) peaks with their characteristic towers, the "Chocholow Monks". Looking towards the south-west the spine of mountains can be seen running from "Grzes" (1653m) and "Rakon" (1879m) to its highest peak of "Volovets" (2064m).

There is "PTTK" hostel in the upper part of the clearing. Two memorial plaques were laid by the door which commemorate meeting of John Paul II with Lech Walesa in 1983. In the upper part of the clearing there is also a small wooden chapel in the Highlander style of architecture. It was immortalized in the movie "Janosik".

The hostel is used the main base for the Western Tatra Mountains as well as a skiing resort during the winter months (skiing is possible not only on the glade itself but also on the mountain slopes and the higher mountain peaks above the glade). Apart from the hostel there are also a meteorological station and a TOPR building (Mountain Rescue Station).

During the spring visitors go hiking along the many trails running through the Chocholow Pasture as this is the time of the year when they are covered by a carpet of the famous and fabulous crocuses.

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