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Most scenic hiking trails in Poland
  1. Orla Perc, the Tatras - Although Orla Perć trail is a demanding six- or seven-hour hike, the spectacular views make it Poland’s most popular. This fairly dangerous route is recommended to experienced hikers only.
  2. Giewont, the Tatras - Towering over Zakopane, Giewont offers some of the jaw-dropping views. A fairly easy route (5-6 hours) from Kasprowy Wierch through Red Wierchy to Kuźnice is particularly recommended.
  3. Three Crowns, the Pieniny - The hugely popular Pieniny are the Polish favourite mountains. The spectacular rugged Three Crowns Massif, overlooking the Dunajec Gorge, is a popular hiking destination.
  4. Rysy, the Tatras - A hiking classic in Poland. The 3-hour hike is a small effort to make for the view you receive as you reach the highest mountain peak in Poland. With over 1,000 metres of elevation gain, the trail may seem challenging.
  5. Sokolica, the Pieniny - Apart from other offerings of the Pieniny nearby, the unique trail from Krościenko to Sokolica astounds, floating high above the Dunajec Gorge. A roughly 4-hour hike.
  6. Halicz, the Bieszczady - The Bieszczady Mountains are at their best in autumn. Start your hike at Wołosate, through Halicz and Tarnica, and end at Ustrzyki Górne – this 8-hour hike is undoubtedly the most beautiful.
  7. Wetlina Meadow, the Bieszczady - The 5-hour route from Wetlina takes in the scenic Wetlina meadow as well as views of some stunning peaks.
  8. Śnieżka, the Sudetes - One of the most popular hiking trails in Poland, it can be accessed by chairlift from Karpacz. Reaching Śnieżka is roughly a one-hour hike.
  9. Szczeliniec, the Table Mountains - Famous for the rocky labyrinth formation, Szczeliniec Wielki is the highest peak in the Table Mountains. The 2-hour hike is hugely popular with tourists and locals alike.
  10. Barania Góra, the Silesian Beskids - It is here that the Vistula river takes its source. The best way to sample the attractions of Barania Góra is to walk through the wild Biała Wisełka Valley to the peak.

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