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Hiking in Poland guide - Pieniny

The thrilling heights and breathtaking scenery attract thousands of tourist every year. The highlights include the Dunajec River Gorge in Pieniny National Park and the Homole Ravine, as well as a number of popular peaks, such as the Three Crowns, Okrąglica, Sokolica, Czertezik and Castle Mountain, offering the view of the meandering Dunajec, the Slovakian Tatras, Sromowce Niżne, and Red Monastery on the Slovakian border.


In the whole region you find a multitude of hiking paths that bring you close to nature. There are hiking trails on different levels, from easy walks along the foothills to the high mountain walks. For safety reasons, you may consider going on a guided tour with a professional guide.


The climate in Pieniny is mild. It is colder on north-facing slopes and valley bottoms, and warm and more humid on south-facing hillsides. In summer you can expect the temperatures between 13 – 16 degrees, while in winter they can drop below 30 degrees, yet it is elevation that influences the temperature most. On mountain tops it may be chilly even in summer and you may expect thick layers of snow.

Mountain clothing and equipment

You need less coverage for a quick hike in summer than you need for an extended hike in the middle of winter. In general, you should wear clothes that wick away moisture from your skin while preventing precipitation from getting you wet. Consider taking a rain coat, sun glasses, a flashlight, a pocketknife, a map and the first aid kit.

Mountain hazards

The Pieniny can be potentially dangerous if you are not careful enough. Most accidents happen due to bad visibility resulting from bad weather or darkness, snow, rock falls and lightning. A common hazard is rain and wind as the conditions become slippery, while the strong wind may make people stumble. Due to the abundance of wildlife in the Pieniny you also run the risk of encountering wild animals or being stung by adders or insects.

Hiking in Poland

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