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Hiking in Poland guide – Sudety

Mountain ranges, national parks, historic places, underground tourist trails, lakes and gorges – the Sudetes have it all. Stretching along the Polish-Czech border, the Sudetes offer the most geologically varied landscape. To the north, they form gently rolling foothills – the Sudetes Foothills, while more to the south they get increasingly bigger with the highest peak Sniezka at 1602 metres. They are subdivided into several mountain ranges, such as the Table Mountains, the Izera Mountains and some others.

The Izera Mountains

  1. Swieradow Zdroj – Stog Izerski – Szklarska Poreba (4.5 hour) - The trail leads from Swieradow Zdroj, through Stóg Izerski, to Szklarska Poręba. It takes in also Łużec Mountain, Wysoka Kopa Massive, a quartz mine, and Wysoki Kamien peak.
  2. Szklarska Poreba –Szrenica – Sniezne Kotly – Sniezka (4.5 hours) -  The first section of the trail leads through Szrenica to Śnieżne Kotły and takes in the view of Kamienczyk Waterfall in the Sudetes. Through Dom Slaski mountain shelter, it ascends to the peak of Śnieżka, which takes another half an hour.

The Owl Mountains

  1. Sokola Pass – Wielka Sowa (1 hour) - Starting in Sokola Pass, the trail takes in the view of the stunning Table Mountains, Owl Mountains and Wałbrzych Mountains. Initially fairly easy, the ascent gets increasingly difficult, full of rocks and scars. Wielka Sowa peak is where a number of other trails begin, leading through other amazing Sudeten landscapes.

The Table Mountains

  1. Karlow – Bledne Skaly (2 hours) - The trail leads through the most characteristic mountain area of the Sudetes. The Table Mountains are gigantic sandstone slabs rising some 250 meters over the surrounding valleys. Million years of erosion have created spectacular rock formations, which resemble rock labyrinth. Paying entrance fee is required.

Snieznik Massive

  1. Miedzygorze – Snieznik (3 hours) - The trail from Miedzygorze to Snieznik   leads through the Na Sniezniku mountain shelter. Here, a number of other trails begin, such as the red trail, leading to Black Mountain (another 2 hours), or a yellow trail, leading to Bear Cave (2.5 hour).

Hiking in Poland

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