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Hiking in Poland guide – Bieszczady

1. Wyzna Pass – Polonina Wetlinska Mountain –- Wetlina (2 hours)

Hikers’ favourite, the trail is steep, but well-maintained. Most of the tourist traffic concentrates on the eastern slope of Połonina Wetlińska, near the Chatka Puchatka shelter. The fastest and easiest approach is from the Wyżna Pass, located on the southern slope.

2. Wyzna Pass – Mala Rawka – Wielka Rawka– Kremenaros – Ustrzyki Gorne (4-5 hours)

The trail takes you from Wyżna Pass through Mała Rawka to Wielka Rawka. It follows to Kremenaros, which is where the Polish, Ukrainian and Slovakian borders meet, and ends in Ustrzyki Górne.

3. Wolosate – Tarnica – Halicz – Rozsypaniec - Wolosate (8 hours)

Reaching some of the highest peaks in one day may be challenging, but worth it. Running through picturesque valleys, the trail takes you through Tarnica and Halicz to Rozsypaniec, where you can enjoy peace and quiet until you reach Wołosate.  

4. Berehy Gorne – Połonina Carynska – Ustrzyki Gorne (4 hours)

The massif of Carynska Mountain is one of the easiest climbs, even if the ascents vary from gentle to disastrously steep. Starting at Berehy Górne, the trail takes you to Caryńska Mountain Peak, which offers the stunning view of Tarnica Nest.

5. Pszczeliny – Bukowy Berd – Tarnica  – Wolosate (7 hours)

One of the most interesting and moderately challenging trails. It starts in Pszczeliny and follows through Bukowy Berd to Tarnica and Wołosate.

7. Komancza – Duszatyn –Duszatyn Lakes – Chryszczata –Zebrak Pass – Wolosan – Cisna (9 hours)

The relatively easy trail leads through the forest for the main part. The highlights include some forest hamlets, the old narrow gauge pathway and the UPA troops battlefields.

8. Cisna – Jaslo – Fereczata – Smerek  (6-7 hours)

Steep and monotonous at first, the trails compensates for the effort with excellent views at Jasło. It takes in the World War I trenches, as well as an old cemetery and a former Orthodox Church site on the way back from Smerek.

Hiking in Poland

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