In Poland, hill-walkers will find a network of some 15,000 miles of marked trails, including some of the Polish sections of the trans-European routes.

Favourites among the walking routes includes the dunes, lakes and forests of the seaside Slowinski National Park, the high peaks of the Tatra Mountains, the most eastern of the Alpine mountains, which frame the horizon at the mountain resort of Zakopane in southern Poland and the Sudety Mountains where the Polish, German and Czech borders meet and the region is rich in castles, caves and wildlife.

Walking trails in and around Zakopane range from winding paths suitable for leisurely strollers to rocky ridges and high mountain treks for the more adventurous hikers.

The small country inns capture the Polish way of life along the trails in the Carpathian highlands near the Slovakian and Ukrainian borders.

Specialist walking tour operators offer a three country tour which in Poland includes Krakow and Kazimierz, in Slovakia the Tatra Mountains and in Hungary the Tokaj vineyard country.

Hikers can walk all the way to the summit of the highest peak of the Rysy at 8,197ft, the highest peak in Poland or to Teryho Chata in Slovakia at 6,609ft, a mountain shelter built more than 100 years ago or to the base of Mount Gerlachovsky also in Slovakia at 8,710ft the highest peak in the Tatra Mountains.

Hiking the Bieszczady Mountains is an experience no one forgets. Not very high, they are varied and extremely beautiful - perfect for those are looking for breathtaking views, and the chance to learn more about the natural environment.
Mountain ranges, national parks, historic places, underground tourist trails, lakes and gorges – the Sudetes have it all. Stretching along the Polish-Czech border, the Sudetes offer the most geologically varied landscape. 
Pieniny - Trzy Korony
The Pieniny Mountains are a 35-kilometre long mountain range, split by the Dunajec River into three parts: the Spiskie Pieniny, the central Pieniny and the Lesser Pieniny. Due to the varied and diverse land forms they are home to different forest habitats and a large number of species.
The Tatras are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains, with the highest point scraping the sky at 2499 metres.
From the rugged Three Crowns to the rocky peaks of the Sudetes, these bucket list-worthy hiking destinations are filled with breathtaking scenery and challenging landscapes. Time to hit the trail!
Where can you look at the world from the clouds? Only in the mountains of course. And you only need a backpack, a sleeping bag and good boots to go hiking along mountain trails.
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