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The Capitals Route. Cycling across Europe

Polish section of the EuroVelo 2 runs from west to east of the country and is going to reach the length of 1 190 km. Currently the Capitals Route in Poland exists from the German border to Poznan and the rest is in development. The planned route shall run through Wloclawek to Warsaw and further east to the border with Belarus. Cycling across the route will provide you unforgettable experiences. The tourists have a chance to see the two fighting goats at the Town Hall, Poznan, which are the city's symbol. It is also possible to relax at the largest artificial water reservoir in Poland – the Wloclawski Lagoon, or admire the truly panoramic view of Warsaw from the terrace situated on the 30th floor of the Palace of Science and Culture. Going further east through scenic landscapes the cyclists reach the Białowieski National Park, where they can meet eye to eye with the bison.

Many other attractions are waiting for you at the Polish section of the EV2! So take a cycling holiday in Poland, get on your bike and discover them!

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