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Interesting cycling trails in Poland

1. Euro Velo

This European network of cycling routes consists of national bike routes and general purpose roads. There are altogether 6 sections of Euro Velo routes in Poland in various stages of completion.

2. Green Velo

Green Velo is the longest marked cycling trail in Poland. It runs through five regions in the east of Poland, and includes mainly the general purpose roads, tarmac roads, dirt paths, forest paths and bridges.

3. Baltic Cycling Route

Relatively flat, this 45-kilometre Baltic Cycling Route around the Bay of takes you from Puck, through Władysławowo, Chałupy, Jastarnia, Jurata to Hel. Once in Hel, you can visit a seal centre and see  a couple of museums and old Kashubian cottages. Stunning views, white sand beaches and a softly blowing breeze make the bike trip unforgettable.

4. Eagle Nest Cycling Trail

Enjoy this wonderful ride through the Polish Jura from Cracow to Czestochowa, known for medieval castles atop large rocks. With hidden valleys and peaceful villages, it is the perfect place to unwind. The trail is well marked and covers a variety of surfaces including tarmac, dirt roads and forest paths

5Roztocze Cycling Trail

Exploring this magnificent forest by bicycle is the ideal way to discover fascinating wildlife. The 52-kilometre cycling route between Zwierzyniec and Susiec links Roztocze National Park with other nature reservations, featuring river gorges, little waterfalls, ancient oaks and some endangered animal species.

6. Beskid Cycle Routes

The Beskids cycle routes are paradise for challenge seekers with at least intermediate off-road mountain biking skills. The most popular route here  is the 17-km off-road biking route from Salmopol Mountain Pass to the Skrzyczne peak. In total, it has about 614 metres  of elevation gain and is defined by spectacular scenery, a variety of landscapes and boundless remote wilderness.

7. The Izera Cycling Trail

The Izera Route follows a breathtaking 44-km route in the Izera Mountains, from Szklarska Poręba to Świeradów Zdrój. Fairly challenging, it offers a variety of road conditions, including dirt roads and tarmac surfaces. Highlights include the harsh Izera Mountain Meadow and the Death Bend,  a sharp bend at 775 meters, with a view of Karkonosze and  Jelenia Góra Valley.

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