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Cycling around Poland

In the Polish mountains you can choose from extreme routes requiring endurance and good technique and leisurely excursion routes through forests with scenic views. In some locations there are special trails for performance downhill runs. One of the most difficult routes in the Sudetes leads from Międzygórze to Snieżnik (1425 m). It requires a good level of fitness and experience. Other popular biking trails are: 'Kowary Bypass' (near Kowary) – 33 km long, altitude difference 500 m, the Euro Regional Cycling Tourist Trail, 'Liczyrzepa', and other international biking routes leading through Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Each trail is an altitude challenge from 500 to 1100 meters. Different parts of the Beskid Mountains – Żywiecki, Sądecki, Wyspowy, Niski – offer biking trails climbing steep mountains and gentler routes in valleys and along rivers. Some are along the most scenic pedestrian trails, around the towns of Szczyrk or Wisła. In Zawoja, a popular vacation area, the trails are difficult and demanding and you have to be at the peak of your potential. However the challenge is usually the reason for choosing the more interesting routes.

Green Bikes in Podkarpacie Region
In the Podkarpacie Region in south-eastern Poland there are trails belonging to the network, 'Greenways' (R 61 and R 63). They are located around the international biosphere nature reserve in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains comprising national parks in three countries: Bieszczady National Park in Poland, Połoniny National Park in Slovakia and Użański National Park in Ukraine. Taking the green bike trail you will pass through the most beautiful towns, villages, landscapes and historic sites in Podkarpacie. Visiting ancient burial mounds and settlements, wooden houses and Catholic and Orthodox churches with their unique architecture will take you back 3 to 4 thousand years. During winter the green bike trail, all covered in snow, is very picturesque.

on a sea made of sand

In the north of Poland – among the thousands of lakes and rivers along the coastline of the Baltic Sea, in ancient forests and colourfully flowering meadows – cycling trails lead from the western to the eastern borders of the country. All trails offer services, good food and interesting entertainment.

Necklace of the North
The ‘Greenways’ Trail in northern Poland called the ‘Necklace of the North’ is 870 km long. The route passes through Western Pomerania, Tuchola Forest and Krajno Land through sites of its historical heritage, picturesque towns and landscape parks. In the roadside inns travelers can taste regional dishes, the fruits of the forest and the famous bread from Barwice, bread tasting like bread.

Hanza Union Trail

This coastal cycling trail (part of the R 10 – international cycling route) extends over 258 kilometers along the Baltic shoreline through Wolin National Park and popular health resorts, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Międzyzdroje, Dziwnów and Rewal. You can stop at golf centers (Kołczewo, Łukęcin) or at picturesque fishing cottages where the traditional cultural landscape has been preserved.

Wolin National Park

As you ride through the Park on Wolin Island located along the historical mercantile trail from Hamburg to Gdańsk you will be able to see in the landscape the turbulent past of this island from prehistoric times to World War II. Today, Wolin National Park offers scenic points and trails and educational routes with a total length of 50 kilometers. The jewel in the park is the Turquoise Lake with its dark green waters.

it gets more difficult on flat ground

There is a good network of long-distance and regional trails through ancient forests, historical towns, numerous attractions and national parks.

National Parks
In the Słowiński National Park the route winds along the seashore, over sand dunes, through Kluki with its Museum, Wsi Słowińskiej. Cycling routes in Wigry National Park are laid out around Wigry Lake. In Narwia National Park the 90 kilometers of green routes run between the backwaters of the Narwia River and flocks of aquatic birds.

Odra River Trail
The main biking route in western Poland, 313-km-long, runs beside the Odra River, the border between Poland and Germany. It starts in the town of Wrocław and passes on both banks of the Odra through Głogów, Radoszyce (ferry), Chobienia (ferry), Ścinawa, Lubiąż and Brzeg Dolny (ferry).

by bike on the storks’ trail
The Stork Trail in the Podlasie region crosses four national parks: Białowieża National Park, Narwia National Park, Biebrza National Park and Wigry National Park, the ancient Augustów Forest and Suwałki Landscape Park. This route is ideal for nature lovers, enthusiasts of rare plant and bird species and mammals which can all be seen in this garden of nature. On the way the scenery rapidly changes from forests to meadows. Thousands of birds fly overhead amongst them magnificent white storks which nest in this area.

borderland trails
In the north-east corner of Poland, the picturesque land of lakes and forests a trail called the Suwałki Region Cycling Ring has been laid out. The jeweler’s term ‘ring’ has been used because taking this trail you will discover the treasures of the borders of Poland and Lithuania: beautiful landscapes, unusual culture and the hospitality of its inhabitants. When you are invited for a meal or during your stay in inns and agro tourist farms try the regional dishes: sękacz – layered cake, kalduns, and zeppelins - potato noodles in the shape of
Ferdinand Zeppelin’s airships.

between old towns
Famous Polish towns Kraków and Częstochowa are joined by the 188-km long Eagles’ Nest Cycling Trail. The route passes through the picturesque region of Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska, its limestone hills and ravines, at an altitude between 300 and 450 meters. Poland’s oldest fortified castles called ‘eagles’ nests’ can be visited along the way. There are also various cycling routes in national or landscape parks surrounding other old and famous towns in Poland:

  1. Warsaw: Masovian Landscape Park - 40 km and the
  2. Kampinos Cycling Trail – 200 km
  3. Łódź: Arturówka, a biking loop around the town – 70 km
  4. Gdańsk: numerous cycling trails in the Tricity Landscape
  5. Park and the Kashubia Region Switzerland – a picturesque
  6. land located less than 40 km from central Gdańsk.

International trails
There are several international cycling trails crossing Poland including the longest, R 1. This International Cycling Route starts in Calais, France and wends its way through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to Saint Petersburg in Russia. During 675 km of its length it joins up with the best cycling trails in northern Poland.

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