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Central Europe Route - the beautiful south of Poland

Throughout most of the route cyclists can enjoy beautiful and variable landscape. A travel through the Polish Jura is a great opportunity to admire numerous limestone rocks, incredible caves and amazing karstic forms.

Going further east the tourists reach Krakow – historical capital of Poland one of the oldest cities in the county. This magical city boasts many historical monuments as well as attractive cultural offer. Once you get there you won't want to leave!

Another place worth visiting the Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp located in Oświęcim. It is the only concentration camp that is on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Going further east you cannot omit to visit Rzeszów. One of the greatest attractions of the city is the Underground Tourist Route - a unique complex of underground cellars and corridors.

There are of course numerous other attractions waiting for you across the Polish part of the Central Europe Route. Come and explore them all!

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